New contributions are welcomed. Follow this guide and CLA if you want to make one.

Make a pull request

Follow Github guide to fork a repo and create a pull request.

All bug fixes and new features should go to the master branch.

Commit messages

Commit messages should follow conventional changelog standard.

Code style and static analysis

Before submitting pull request, make sure your code passes all code style and static analysis checks. To do so, run:

npm run lint

Functional Tests Prerequisites

Some functional tests are launched on SauceLabs. In order to run them you'll need to:

  1. Register open source SauceLans account.
  2. Set your username and key to SAUCE_USERNAME and SAUCE_ACCESS_KEY environment variables respectively.


Make sure all tests are passing before submitting pull request:

npm test

If you are fixing the bug, add a test that fails without your patch and passes with it. If you are adding a feature, write a test for it. To see test coverage report run:

npm test --coverage

Issues reporting

When submitting an issue please do following:

  1. Search for same issues on github in order to prevent duplicates
  2. Fill as many sections as possible described in issue template so we will additional info to work with

Note that if no response for contributors questions will be provided in 1 week then issue may be considered as irrelevant/resolved and may be closed.

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